LCJ Capteurs CV7 OEM Ultra Lightweight & Compact Wind Sensor

LCJ Capteurs CV7 OEM Ultra Lightweight & Compact Wind Sensor

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• Ultrasonic
• Wind speed & direction
• Compact, 6.5cm wide and 4cm high
• Lightweight, 100gram sensor head
• Discreet non-obtrusive
• RS232/RS422/NMEA0183 outputs
• Low power consumption
• Durable with corrosion free material construction
• Extremely low maintenance
• 50cm cable, 4 wire
• 24 months warranty

Item Description

The CV7-OEM enables this solid-state ultrasonic wind sensor to be easily added to your own products resulting in an extremely durable, discreet and highly accurate solution to wind speed and direction monitoring.

The sensor is compact and lightweight with extremely low power consumption making it ideal for harsh and remote locations. With no moving parts the CV7-OEM has distinct advantages over non-ultrasonic sensors being far more durable, requiring minimal maintenance, thus guaranteeing accuracy over long periods.

The unique CV7-OEM ultrasonic wind sensor offers many output configurations and comes with Serial RS422/RS232 using NMEA 0183 output protocol.

The CV7-OEM sensor has a sampling rate of 2Hz, with the CV7-E-OEM sensor the sampling rate is 4Hz, both come with a 50cm 4 wire cable as standard.

The CV7 ultrasonic wind sensor is commonly used in the renewable energy markets, agriculture, environmental monitoring, event and stage management, health and safety, construction sites, tower crane operations, marquee installation, fountain management, pollution, acoustic and dust drift monitoring.