Kestrel 5700 LiNK Applied Ballistics Weather Station

Kestrel 5700 Elite Applied Ballistics Weather Station with LiNK

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The Kestrel 5700 Weather Station is a complete standalone Weather Monitoring Unit which is capable of logging environmental conditions over long periods without operator presence. The system comes complete with large compact tripod, vane mount, and Nitelze carrycase. The unit is automatically directed into the wind with the vane and mount.

The freely available Kestrel LiNK Ballistics app gives access to the complete Applied Ballistics library of custom drag models directly onto the Kestrel handset. The unit comes complete with a tripod, vane and mount providing a standalone unit that can be placed next to the shooter, allowing fast adjustment of the target range and instantaneous viewing of the shooting solution and wind rose. In addition multiple targets can be set up on a single screen.

LiNK compatible laser rangefinders can be paired automatically to the Kestrel LiNK unit so target data can be integrated further increasing accuracy and speed of use.

Mil-SPEC-810G drop tested with an IP67 waterproof rating, the Kestrel 5700 is a robust design ideal for in-field shooting, at the range or competition. A five year warranty and certificate of conformity, come as standard.

• Used by competitive target shooters, military professionals, anti-terror, authorised firearms officers and precision shooters
• Utilises custom drag models from the Applied Ballistics bullet library to determine a bullet's drag profile and makes adjustments for aerodynamic jump, spin drift, Coriolis plus drop scale factoring
• Up to 30 gun profiles can be stored plus 10 targets combined with bullet profiles and an expansive Ballistics Data Table
• Built in digital compass to give wind direction, crosswind, headwind and tailwind readings
• Kestrel 'LiNK for Ballistics' app enables full gun management and holds the complete Applied Ballistics library of custom drag models that can be downloaded to the Kestrel unit
• Mils, Shooter's MOA, true MOA and Clicks all available, ensuring it will work with any gun or scope
• Weather parameters measured are altitude (barometric), barometric pressure, density altitude, dew point temperature, fine dead fuel moisture, heat stress index, relative humidity, station pressure (absolute pressure), temperature, wet bulb temperature (psychrometric), wind speed/air speed
• Live data display and data storage for graphing and analysis
• Kestrel LiNK wireless connectivity for ease of data transfer and connectivity to LiNK enabled laser range finders
• Comes complete with compact tripod, vane, mount and NiteIze carrycase